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Disciplina: Inglês

Questão de: Verbos: Introdução aos Verbos Modais

Fonte: Originais Teachy

Grau de dificuldade: Média

(Originais Teachy 2023) - Questão Média de Inglês

Jake and his friends are planning a trip to a foreign country where English is widely spoken. During their trip, they will need to ask for directions, make requests, and deal with various unexpected situations. Write a paragraph in which Jake uses at least three different modal verbs to ask for directions, make a polite request, and express a possibility. Explain the meaning and function of each modal verb used in the context of Jake's trip.


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Verbos: Introdução aos Verbos Modais - EF09LI16
Originais Teachy
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Questão 1:


Imagine you are a travel agent writing a persuasive email to a group of students who are planning an educational trip to a foreign country. In your email, you want to use a variety of modal verbs to suggest possibilities, give advice, and emphasize the importance of certain aspects of the trip. Compose a paragraph of at least 100 words, using at least five different modal verbs such as 'can, could, may, must, should' in a context that encourages the students to consider the cultural and social implications of their journey before you finalize the travel arrangements.
Verbos: Introdução aos Verbos Modais - EF09LI16
Originais Teachy
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Imagine you are talking to your friend about a party that you both are planning to attend. You want to give advice on what to wear, express the importance of arriving on time, and discuss the possibility of rain during the event. Which sentences below best reflect these three aspects?
Verbos: Introdução aos Verbos Modais - EF09LI16
Originais Teachy
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Vocabulário: Animais e Plantas
Fonte: UEMG
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Read the following passage: 'The cloud is a term for a global network of remote servers which operates as a single ecosystem, commonly associated with the internet. This means that all files and applications on the cloud can be accessed using the internet, rather than being stored on a local server or personal computer. In essence, the cloud is a metaphor for the internet and is essentially the same thing, but when people refer to the cloud, they are often referring to services and resources that are accessed remotely over the internet.' Considering the passage above and your knowledge in English grammar, identify the pronoun relative used and explain its function within the context of the passage, specifically with respect to the relationship between the cloud, internet, and remote access to files and applications.
Pronomes Relativos
Originais Teachy
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